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Club history

As part of the Swiss Mahjong Association (ASM), players who met at the beginning every other wednesday at the Tour-de-Peilz Games Museum and thereafter every wednesday decided to create a mahjong club ( Les Dragons du Léman) which is a swiss club applying the MCR rules. The club has teamed up with the ASM to expand the competitive opportunities of swiss mahjong. It was thus on October 9. 2019 that at the Games Museum was created the club of the Dragons du Léman.

Mahjong Club Status

At the club's first meeting, the founders agreed on several rules for the smooth running of the club. Status of mahjong club

MCR tools and rules

Green Book : Download

Useful sheets

Point Counting Sheet (FFMJ Document : Link) : Download

Score Sheet (FFMJ Document : Link) : Download

Mahjong games to download 

Android: Mahjong and Friends Free

Iphone and Android: Mahjong 13 Tiles

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